Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well then.

The dog has a rock obsession. Well, maybe not an obsession but he eats an alarming amount of them...and now he's learned to swallow the smaller ones quickly - like as soon as he sees my hand go towards his mouth.

Dudes. Combine this with a week of dog poop induced worrying and let's just say I'm about done boiling hamburger and rice for his meals.

And y'all know I love Boston Sports and apparently there's this baseball team in town you may have heard of.

But right now it's a baseball team of which I know nothing about because my house is topsy turvy with Bruins love. That would have been fine by me had they not lost three games in a row, giving me a hockey induced stomach ache (maybe the dog's issues aren't rock related after all) and keeping me glued to Twitter and whatever other Bruins stuff I can find. Which, apparently, isn't even HALF of what's out there.

I'm a blip on the Bruins obsession radar, honestly. I checked the ticket prices for the playoffs and had to laugh. One ticket for a decent seat? On the verge of being out of my price range. For a family of four? Bankruptcy.

NESN HD, homemade popcorn and the couch with the kiddos begging to stay up for the third period. Not so bad.

Except for the fact that I'll be at work and watching it later, by myself, in my computer chairand on my 15" computer monitor in NON HD.



Fairly Odd Mother said...

My 8yo already knows more about hockey than I do---my husband has given up on me and has moved his obsession on to his kids. Pretty funny. (and frees me up!). He's been to 2 playoff games and I'm a little scared to see the bill.

~**Dawn**~ said...

It's a great time to be a Boston sports fan for sure! I watch all these fans trying to follow NBA & NHL playoffs in addition to keeping tabs on the Sox. I have no clue how their brains (and TVs!) don't explode. I am so glad I only closely follow Sox & Patriots--thankfully very little overlap! ;-)

Jennifer said...

We're going to yet another Jays game on Monday!