Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dudes, I am on a tear

Pissing me off no particular order:

1. DHL. Dear DHL, you suck. And FedEx is cheaper. Love, Jenny P.S. Srsly. SUCK.

2. This show, Lie to Me* *the truth is written all over our faces.

Okay this is one show that I will NEVER see. Why? Because of the stupid asterisk. Lie to Me? A fine title. Add the asterisk and little subtitle and I'm not watching.

3. Our superintendent. Hey, four inches of ice coating every driveway in town? Too bad, get to the bus stop. The mere THREAT of a snow storm? He closed school at four p.m. The day before.

4. Radio commercials with sirens in them. There's a few of them that I hear when I'm driving causing me to check my mirrors for oncoming fire trucks or police cars. Which, of course, are never there.

5. Animal shelters that charge $425.00 for a mixed breed/mutt puppy. And require a two hundred dollar obedience school commitment on top of that. WTF, I'll just go to a breeder then.

6. These freaky people at the library book sale I'm going to tonight. They wait in line all wrapped up in giant sheets or some shit with bags and scanners and then they RUN to the books and just pile them up and cover them with their sheets. There are quite a few of them and once they're done piling up books (think hundreds and hundreds of books) they get these scanner gizmos out and scan each and every book...for what? We don't know. BUT I HATE IT. It adds an element of stress to the night that just pisses me off.

7. Oh, the bottom of the screen it says..."Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying...."

Making me happy?
#7 is no longer an issue.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Ugh. #4 should be illegal. And they get me with that crap at least a half dozen times a week.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Really #6? Wowee, that turns me off from wanting to go to a library book sale. Yikes.

And, where are they asking $400+ for a mutt? I used to think $100 was a lot to ask for a rescue. . .but at least they were spayed.

We may come skating this weekend (if the skates I ordered arrive) but my mom says there is snow all over the ice. Wahhh!

Mig said...

In spite of #6, total score tonight, for both of us!


Jennifer said...

I have issues with #3 as well.

I'm happy #7 is no longer an issue ;)