Thursday, July 24, 2008

Driving Me Bananas

Tone Deaf OfficeMate Singing Along to the Easy Listening Station at Work - check

Vacation Bible School Brainwash of Youngest Child- check

Sandwich Crumbs on the Just Cleaned Kitchen Counter - check

Tornado Warnings - check

On the bright side the family and I get a complimentary dinner tonight at my SIL's new digs - hopefully I'll remember the camera.


Anonymous said...

Love the new header!

Know what makes me crazy? Crumbs under the kitchen table after I've just swept.

catsteevens said...

"Vacation Bible School Brainwash of Youngest Child- check"
Ha! That was me (when I was like 4 y/o).

Ditto on the new header --- really beautiful shot.

Jennifer said...

Love the header too :)

you can always copy cat your co worker then maybe they'll think to be quiet. lol

Come on now crubs on cleaned kitchen counter is not nearly as bad as crumbs and spilled juice on just vacuumed carpet!

Guess who I'm possibly going to go see on the 24th of August?